Working Papers

The 2021 ACSS Working Papers

After a long-awaited release, we are pleased to announce the publication of the 2021 Working Papers in partnership with the Crawford School of Public Policy.

Reflecting upon the work of the 2021 Education and Research team:

Providing novel and insightful understandings across a range of national security topics, this working paper series combines the emerging perspectives of our 2021 delegates and that of distinguished academics and well-respected minds. With contributions by the likes of Admiral Chris Barrie, Professor John Blaxland and Colonel Dave Beaumont, the paper sets out to develop the skills of students outside of the classroom to truly prepare them as the next generation of national security leaders.

Understanding the centrality of national security in the current climate of affairs, it is essential for those in industry, academia, and government to adopt a truly multidisciplinary approach to better prepare themselves for the challenges of today as well as that of tomorrow.

A principle that is enshrined in the 2021 ACSS Working Papers.

Liam Synan

Head of Education and Research (2022)