Why Australia needs a cyber approach to the Quad

Author: Daniel Phelan, Monash University

Australia’s cyber capabilities present a huge opening for progress to be made, especially in terms of closing gaps upon certain cyber norms such as propelling interstate cooperation on security and protecting critical infrastructure. Australia can work towards acting as a regional ‘cyber-superpower’ towards its neighbours in the South Pacific alongside nations like Singapore with similar interests. This would ensure Australia and its allies can promote effective and positive cyber norms, while also enacting measures to prevent foreign interference.

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Where to for Australia and the Quad?

Author: Alex Bulley, University of Sydney

Only a few years ago, Australia was supporting much of China’s involvement in regional affairs. But with increasingly tense disputes in the South China Sea and the current COVID-19 pandemic, this has taken a different turn. Australia is now wary of China’s intentions in the region and as a result is leaning to a more traditional position as an ally of the US. But as Australia severs diplomatic ties with China, new opportunities for collaboration emerge.

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The ethical dilemma of online surveillance

Author: Kearly Schirrman, Australian Crisis Simulation Summit

In the digital age, telecommunications have become part of our everyday lives. They play a central role in our communication with others, development of our services and integration of policies and laws. But this has simultaneously inspired their misuse, visible in issues like the rise of online extremism, cyber-attacks and coordination of transnational drug dealing.

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