ACSS 2021 Executive Team Expressions of Interest

After the success of ACSS 2020, the team is excited to announce that we will be pursuing the Summit as an annual event. We are looking for a group of hard working, committed team players to take on the enormous challenge of organising the next ACSS on the 2021 ACSS Executive Team. A seperate EOI form to register interest in being on the wider ACSS Team will be released soon.


  • Enrolled at the Australian National University in 2021;
  • 2nd year or above (postgraduate students are welcome to apply); and
  • Studying International Security Studies, International Relations, Strategic Studies, Law, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Languages, Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Arts, Media, Politics or a related discipline.

Unfortunately, we will not be considering applications from students from other Universities to join our team at this stage. However, early next year we will be considering establishing “hubs” in capital cities around the country. We will communicate further details about this through our social media channels. 

Executive Team Selection Process

To nominate yourself for an ACSS Executive Team position please submit this form by COB on Monday, 19 October. Following a review of the nominations by our ACSS 2021 Selection Committee, you will be informed if you have progressed to the next round.  At 17:00 on 22 October, the ACSS will host “ACSS 2021 Pitch Night.” As a nominee for an Executive position you will have 5 minutes to pitch your vision of the ACSS and your plan for your desired portfolio to the ACSS 2021 Selection Committee and the ACSS Founding Team. Following your pitch, the committee and the team will be invited to ask you questions for approx. 5 minutes. The Committee will then deliberate and decide the next Executive Team of the ACSS over a few days. Further guidance on your pitch will be made available to you once you have submitted your nomination. 

Important Dates in the Selection Process

  • Applications Close: COB on Monday, 19 October 2020
  • ACSS 2021 Pitch Night: Thursday, 22 October 2020
  • ACSS 2021 Executive Team Announced: Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Available Executive Team Positions:

In this EOI form you are able to apply for a position on our Executive Team. A seperate EOI form to register interest in being on the wider ACSS Team will be released soon. 


The Director of the ACSS is responsible for the overall vision and direction of the Summit. The primary responsibilities of the Director include making major corporate decisions, managing the team, operations and resources of the ACSS and they will be the main point of contact between the team and the future ACSS Board. The Director is also responsible for procuring sponsorship agreements, stakeholder management and relationships with academics, mentors and supporting institutions. The Director will play a large role in simulation development. A strong commitment to the vision of the ACSS, relevant experience managing teams, a strong ability to lead and excellent communication skills are essential to the role. A good grasp of potential simulation content and narrative will be greatly desired. This is a significant but rewarding commitment that will stand you in good stead in future years. 


The Deputy-Director is responsible for team management,  Summit logistics and supporting the Director in every facet of their role. They will provide significant support in stakeholder management and goal setting for each portfolio. At Executive Meetings the Deputy-Director plays a secretarial role by producing the agenda and writing minutes. The Deputy-Director must be someone who is organised, shows attention to detail and has excellent communication skills. 

Chief Financial Officer

The CFO will manage the finance team and the ACSS budget. In 2020, the budget was $75,000. The CFO will track cash flow and assist the Director and Deputy-Director in procuring sponsorship agreements. The CFO will be responsible for ensuring the ACSS meets all its financial reporting obligations. The CFO meets regularly with portfolios to discuss funding arrangements. The CFO will be a trustworthy team player, preferably with previous budget experience. Ideally the CFO role will be filled by a current Commerce, Business or Finance student. 

Head of Crisis Operations

Head of Crisis Ops is an extremely demanding but rewarding role. They will oversee a large team responsible for the development of the crisis simulations. The Head of Crisis Ops is an organised, intelligent, efficient communicator, innovator and leader. They will be the main liaison between the Crisis Ops team and the Executive Committee, and the main liaison between the ACSS and academic experts for the purpose of simulation development. They will chair all Crisis Ops meetings, assist in goal setting and resource allocation, provide guidance to the Head Crisis Writers, and assist with simulation research and narrative development. 

Chief Technology Officer

The CTO will manage and implement all the technologies and software used in ACSS 2021. This will include the crisis simulation software, mobile applications, live streaming technologies and/or Zoom webinar licences. The CTO will also oversee the organisation and implementation of our live TV studio. Previous experience in technical support for virtual events and/or someone with a computer science background will be highly regarded. Drive, initiative and a friendly, personable nature is essential to the role. 

Head of Marketing and Communications

The Head of Marketing and Communications will manage all outreach from the ACSS team to prospective delegates and stakeholders. They will manage the marketing team, manage all social media accounts and create a series of professional, high quality marketing publications for distribution. The Head of Marketing will be creative, innovative, sensible and personable. Any experience in graphic design, video production or document creation will be extremely desirable. 

Head of Delegate Experience 

The Head of Delegate Experience will oversee a number of crucial ACSS activities. They will oversee all delegate related matters, including all communications with delegates, delegate welfare and social activities at the Summit. The Head of Delegate Experience will be integrally involved in the delegate application and selection process. They will also maintain and produce all ACSS policies. The person who occupies this role may be required to participate in additional welfare training with Respectful Relationships. The Head of Delegate Experience will be an approachable, personable and respectful person. Any previous experience as a Residential Advisor, Senior Resident or similar role will be highly desirable. 

Head of Education and Research

The Head of Education and Research will manage a team responsible for the educational and careers focussed aspects of the Summit. This will involve researching and liaising with academics to produce high-quality educational materials, such as pre-readings and podcasts. It will also involve developing educational criteria and outcomes to be used to create detailed analytics and insights about delegate performance during the crisis simulations.  Further, the Head of Education and Research will need to liaise directly with ANU Careers and a number of different employers in the national security space to deliver a fantastic careers day. 

General Comment on All Roles: 

In all Executive roles, the Selection Committee will be looking for hardworking, committed team players with leadership potential. Demonstrated previous experience related to a particular portfolio will be extremely desirable. The role descriptions outlined here are the core functions of each position. However, they may be subject to variation at the discretion of the ACSS 2021 Team.