Education and Research Team

The 2021 Education and Research team is bringing this year’s delegates exciting career and mentorship opportunities through writing workshops, fireside chats with national security professionals, employer presentations and more. These opportunities will be provided to delegates in the lead up to the Summit, as well as during the Career’s Fair on the day where delegates will have the chance to interact and chat to a range of employers in the national security sphere. This is a great chance for the delegates to network and build professional skills. The team will also be creating comprehensive and interactive pre-reading material for delegates to prepare them for their crisis simulation roles.

Additionally, the Education and Research team will be giving delegates the opportunity to have their work published in the ACSS inaugural research journal, showcasing articles and analytical pieces on a range of national security topics. This will be facilitated by writing workshops and development opportunities to aid in producing high-quality work. This year also brings the exciting addition of a public ACSS podcast, which was previously an exclusive for the 2020 delegates but with now be made available on public streaming platforms. This podcast explores the three main crisis simulation topics in discussion with a range of academics and professionals. Finally, the team will develop our data analysis capabilities to assess the behaviour of delegates within their roles during the simulations, this will be used to create an Insights and Analytics reports that outlines delegate responses in the crises.