ACSS 2021 will revolve around three crisis simulations. They will be focused on the challenges and threats Australian leaders will have to confront in the coming decades. By the end of the Summit, students will walk away with a clearer understanding about Australia’s national interests and its strategic policy objectives.

Given the sensitivity of the issues discussed in relation to Australia’s national security, we’ve decided not to reveal the exact content of the simulations to the public. Once selected, ACSS Delegates will be fully briefed prior to their participation in ACSS 2021. The simulations will be multifaceted and complex, dealing with a range of key strategic issues Australian leaders are currently grappling with and will continue to face in the years ahead.

Each simulation will encourage delegates to think about, discuss and debate:

  • What is in the national interest? Who gets to decide?
  • How does Australia create and sustain national power? How can Australia use national power to shape our position and role in the world?
  • What are Australia’s international relations options in an increasingly multi -polar world?
  • How do developments in international law affect Australian policy making?
  • How may economics and economic coercion affect Australia’s ability to defend its national interests?
  • How do Australia’s national security laws work? What are the potential future directions of these laws?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges posed by disruptive technologies to the mission and operations of the Australian Defence Force?
  • What are the emerging trends in Homeland Security (eg: cyber threats, unmanned and autonomous weapons, critical infrastructure, terrorism, climate change, foreign interefence) and what is their impact on Government’s and Defence’s contingency planning?