Genevieve Lumb


Originally from Sydney, Genevieve moved to Canberra to study a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of International Security Studies at the ANU. She is currently working for Clayton Utz as a Paralegal. Genevieve was honoured to be a part of the ACSS Executive last year as the Head of Delegate Experience. This year, she is looking forward to continuing to shape the ACSS as a unique, creative and challenging experience for Australia’s future national security leaders.

Lucas Greenslade


Lucas is a final year student at the ANU, studying a bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics, and a bachelor of International Security Studies. He is passionate about ensuring Australia’s preparation for future crises, with a strong research interest in the opportunities and limitations of Australia’s regional relationships. He was previously an executive committee member for the Australia-Indonesia Youth Association ACT chapter, and in early 2021, he interned as a research assistant for an Indonesian public policy think tank. He currently works at a media organisation at Parliament House as an editorial assistant.

Liam Synan


Originally from Melbourne, Liam moved to Canberra to study a Bachelor of Security Studies and Arts with a major in Peace and Conflict Studies. He has a strong interest in global affairs, security issues and research, a passion which he has refined during his studies at the Australian National University. As Head of Education and Research, Liam will be utilising his interests to shape educational outcomes for delegates, as well as produce and curate a range of educational material on the summit across a variety of mediums.

Jacob Huth


Jacob is in his third year of a Bachelor of International Security Studies/Bachelor of Science (Psychology). Originally from Brisbane, Jacob has a strong interest in security issues and how psychology, alongside his previous studies of criminology can help him to effectively find and implement solutions. Jacob has implemented his education in disability support work and his time at the QUT Justice Society. He will continue to refine and develop his skills as part of the ACSS 2022 Executive Team. Jacob is looking forward to improving the experience of delegates and all stakeholders before, during and after the Summit and ensuring the momentum created in the first two years of the ACSS continues.

Darlene Rowlands

HEAD OF marketing and communications

Darlene is in her third year of a Bachelor of Political Science with a strong interest in the intersection between security issues, journalism and law. She is also currently an editor at ANU Observer. This year, she is looking forward to utilizing her interests to advance and solidify ACSS’ online presence and strong reputation amongst university students across the country.

Angus Brooks

chief technology officer

Originally from Victoria, Angus is a fourth year student at the Australian National University, studying a Bachelor of International Security Studies and a Bachelor of Commerce. Angus has a keen interest in international business operations & strategy, as well as crisis management and business continuity.


We are also very pleased to welcome to our wider team for 2022:

Abigail Masters, Alastair Page, Alex Bulley, Alexa Swientek, Alyssa Rahardja, Anastasia Kalloniati, Angus Colovic, Ashley Gerdan, Bella Cremer-Harvey, Ben Casey-Brown, Bri Collett, Bryce Simpson, Callum Fitzgerald, Daniel Phelan, Elena Ensen, Eliza Gudgeon, Elly Chen, Emily Luton, Ethan Montagnino, Hebe Ren, Jack Williams, Jasmine Woolley, Jessica Walters, Kavina Kalaichelvam, Tutti Copping, Vishwas Grover, Will Etwell, Xiao Marshall-Taylor, Zak Knight