We are looking for a group of hard-working, committed team players to take on the enormous challenge of organising the next ACSS on the 2023 ACSS Wider Team.

We, the ACSS, create and run complex future-based and alternative crisis simulations in a national effort to help create the next generation of national security experts and leaders. We pursue a multidisciplinary approach to our crisis simulations by creating a space for unheard voices in the security field to create crisis simulations through alternative lenses or by enabling those from typically non-security fields to participate as delegates. Through dedication and consistent hard-work, you can carve out a career for yourself within the vast security domain, whether you are in the early stages of your university career, or your last year of post-graduate study.


  • Enrolled at the Australian National University in 2023;
  • Studying International Security Studies, International Relations, Strategic Studies, Law, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Languages, Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Arts, Media, Politics or a related discipline.
  • Available all day during Summit Week: Monday 4th September to Thursday 7th September.

Unfortunately, we will not be considering applications from students from other Universities to join our team at this stage. However, we will be establishing “hubs” in capital cities around the country. We will communicate further details about this through our social media channels.

Wider Team Selection Process:

To nominate yourself for an ACSS Wider Team position please submit this form by COB on Tuesday 21 March 2023. Following a review of the applications by our ACSS 2023 Selection Committee, you will be informed if you have progressed to the next round. If selected as a nominee for a Wider Team position you will be invited to interview with members of the 2023 Executive Team. This will occur between the 27th-31st March 2023. The Executive Team will then inform applicants of their outcome in the following days.

Important Dates in the Selection Process:

Applications Close: COB Tuesday 21 March 2023

Available Wider Team Positions:

Crisis Operations Team

Crisis Writer

  • Report directly to the Chief Crisis Simulations Officer (CCSO) and works collaboratively alongside the research officers.
  • Over the course of the 6 months from recruitment to the Summit Week, a crisis writer will create a crisis simulation with other crisis writers and key academic consultants.
  • Write a crisis narrative over multiple drafts in consultation with academics. Create briefs, directives, fake articles, and other resources and data to input into the crisis simulation software, Conductrr.
  • Receive training from Conductrr and engage with their crisis simulation software.
  • Manage and run dry-runs for the crisis simulations.
  • Time commitment: 5-10 hours

Research Officer

  • Work directly with one’s assigned crisis writer(s) to assist them with the research so that the crisis simulations can be accurate and academically sound.
  • Create pre-readings for each simulation which will be distributed to delegates to prepare them for the crisis simulations they will face.
  • Collaborate with Podcast Officer, Social Media Officer and Development Officer to collate research for their projects like podcast guest backgrounds, weekly news updates on social media, and research for panels.
  • Time commitment: 5-7 hours

Media and Operations Team

Development officer

  • Review insights and analytics from ACSS 2022 and create new surveys for 2023.
  • Organise and create panels, careers events, academic workshops, edit journal articles submitted by delegates, and other development activities like threat-casting and mock-negotiations to upskill delegate’s thinking skills.
  • Manage and input all data for the online conferencing software called Brella. This will be done in direct communication with the COO, Director, and the CFO.
  • Time commitment: 5-10 hours

Podcast officer

  • Coordinates with the COO and Development Officers to ensure the content produced and published aligns with the ACSS’s 2023 vision and other activities occurring. 
  • Required to create 6 podcasts from onboarding until the Summit in September.
  • Organises and runs the live podcast during Summit Week.
  • Coordinates and encourages the entire ACSS team to create podcast content.
  • Managerial responsibilities regarding other ACSS team podcast material:
    • All administration, research, recording, and blurb is created by the team member.
    • Editing and ensuring all information is passed onto the social media and communications officer is the responsibility of the Podcast Officer.
  • Previous experience with Adobe Audition is preferred, but not required.
  • Time commitment: 5-10 hours

Social media officer

  • Coordinates with the COO and Communications Officer to produce content aligned with the ACSS 2023 vision.
  • Focused on sharing the ACSS’ vision and content through various disciplines and colleges to enhance the ACSS’ multidisciplinary nature.
  • Leads the social media efforts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and the website.
  • Focused on increasing ACSS’ national presence and actively coordinates with Hub Managers to promote the ACSS across the country.
  • Ability to use Canva efficiently.
  • Previous professional experience with social media is preferred, but not required.
  • Time commitment: 5-7 hours

communications officer

  • Coordinates with the COO and Social Media Officer to produce content aligned with the ACSS 2023 vision.
  • Creates quarterly Stakeholder Updates – ACSS 2022 Stakeholder Updates can be found on our website for reference.
  • Creates weekly delegate emails – ensures all information delegates are required to know about is released consistently every week including pre-readings, podcasts, sponsors, schedules, and other activities and general information.
  • Creates ACSS 2023 promotional video and other videography/photography content showing the ACSS 2023.
  • Time commitment: 5-7 hours

Canberra hub manager

  • Canberra Hub Managers are responsible for the Canberra delegates and are their key point of contact.
  • Coordinate directly with delegates to ensure all their needs are met and that all information is quickly and efficiently distributed prior and during the Summit Week.
  • Work directly with the Development Officers and assist with their events as they relate to the delegate’s experience.
  • Engage in various other aspects of the wider team’s responsibilities where needed.
  • Time commitment: 5-10 hours